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Do you want to buy a car? The used car auto loan could be a solution to be able to fulfill your desire.

In the event that you choose to contact the Bank or the financial institution personally, you will be able to access the amount you need thanks to a personal loan, this will allow you to obtain the liquidity and then allocate it as you prefer as it is not a finalized but personal loan.

Another possibility could be to exploit the assignment of the fifth.

On the contrary, you can go directly to the dealership where you will buy the car, which usually covers a value equal to 80/85% of the value of the asset. The concessionaire may have entered into special agreements with the financial companies or have its own internal financial company, for example, the FCA which does not address anyone outside. Obviously the commercial conditions can be different between the different financial ones.

For the purchase of a used car, it is necessary to travel a different road. In fact, for this type of loan, the maximum amount that can be obtained is established in the Eurotax price lists, which consider the real value of the car in relation to the market value and the annual devaluation.

Therefore, if you want to buy a specific car but the Eurotax price list does not correspond to the value requested by the seller, you will necessarily have to evaluate a different solution.

Are there any guarantees when applying for a car loan?

Are there any guarantees when applying for a car loan?

The auto loan is practically the same as a personal loan or a loan. You don’t have to mortgage anything, the loan is tied only to the repayment of the sum requested.

Do you want to make an unfinished profitable amount? You can request the assignment of the fifth, which is a loan that allows you to obtain the amount you need and extend it up to a period of 10 years.

Car loan: the solution of the transfer of the fifth

Regardless of your choice of purchase of a new or used car, you have the possibility to request the transfer of the fifth, a special type of non-finalized loan that allows you to receive the necessary amount in a short time.

Do you want to know how it works? It is very simple! Apply for a loan for the purchase of your car considering the amount you need, then establish how long you want to return the sum (max 10 years).

Attention: the installment must correspond to a maximum of one-fifth of your salary or your net pension.

Do you want to get an online quote? It will allow you to have a clearer picture, in a few minutes, you also have the possibility of calculating the assignment of the fifth, so as to have a forecast of what your monthly payment will be. In the calculator it is sufficient to insert two simple data:

  • desired amount
  • loan term

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