Many people travel on Belgian and foreign routes on motorbikes. And yes, being on two wheels provides such a sense of freedom. However, choosing the right vehicle is essential to be comfortable and thus increase your safety.

But when you want to buy a motorcycle, several questions arise undeniably: for which motorcycle financing to opt for? Buy new or used? On which sites to go? So many questions we answer in this article.

The choice of model


Before you embark on the great adventure of acquiring a motorcycle, it is essential to determine your needs, desires and expectations. Indeed, there are so many different types and models that you have to ask yourself what will be the main use. Will you make small home-work journeys right in Brussels? Will you take the highway daily to get to the office? Will you keep the bike rather for weekends and walks of all kinds? Finding an answer to these questions will allow you to refine your search afterwards and then find the right motorcycle financing.

  • Enduro / Trial: slender, high and equipped with high suspension, this bike is perfect for off road as it provides unparalleled maneuverability.
  • Touring: Reaching a wide audience, this type of motorcycle is suitable for both commuters and leisure drivers. Thanks to a very straight posture, they allow a good visibility of the traffic.
  • Sport-touring: Touring with a sporty look but more nervous, they are very suitable for long journeys. In addition, they offer excellent maneuverability in corners thanks to their sports suspension and their adapted chassis.
  • Naked-bike: as the name suggests, these bikes are devoid of accessories. Thus, you will not find any offer, nor any optional options. This can therefore have a considerable impact on the price, of course to your advantage. If desired, however, you can add a boot or windshield. The main objective of this type of motorcycle is the pleasure of the road!
  • Chopper: These motorcycles with a traditional American look are very “did you see me” but endowed with a timeless character. They are perfect for long leisurely strolls. Thanks to a very low seat, children and adults can put their feet on the ground.
  • Supersport: given the name, motorcycles are known to be sporty, maneuverable, light and therefore fast. And that goes to the detriment of comfort.
  • Trail: halfway between touring and off-road, this bike will suit adventurers attracted by the great outdoors.

Motorcycle financing

Motorcycle financing

The first question about buying a vehicle is the budget you have available, and therefore the type of motorcycle financing you will need.

And yes, this will direct you to one type of motorcycle more than another and will determine the means of acquisition (new or used). On the other hand, if you have flashed on a specific model, you can compare the offers and prices as well in nine as in the second hand.

A motorcycle represents a certain budget

A motorcycle represents a certain budget

Which is not always easy to get out of your pocket. That’s why you can get a motorcycle loan. It is however essential to note that such a loan is said to be affected.

This means that to get it, you must prove the purchase of the vehicle through a purchase order or proof of purchase. You must also meet certain conditions, such as: to be major, resident Belgian and not to be stuck to the Belgian national bank.

It’s good, you know what model makes you vibrate. You have found the bike of your dreams and know how much it costs! All you have to do is compare all the motorcycle loan offers to find the product that best fits your profile for motorcycle financing!

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