2019 has brought a lot of opportunities for those who have been aware of market trends. A lot of new industries have popped up and just as many have undergone drastic changes — changes that usually mean chaos and further opportunities.

In this post, investment opportunities for the year 2019 will be listed.

The corporate bond market

 The corporate bond market

Mortgage lending in Sweden is at record levels today, which has resulted in a lot of new brands and companies offering various loan opportunities. New forms of loans such as online loans, quick loans and loans with extremely flexible benefits that enable loans for people who had previously been extremely difficult to obtain these appear around the corner today. The corporate market is no exception.

More and more companies are looking for loans and the market is trying to meet this demand. Many business lenders have thus emerged and are offering start-ups such as old companies the opportunity to obtain loans they did not previously have access to. This trend does not seem to slow down any time soon, but will only continue as more Swedes set foot in the labor market and more and more companies apply for their first corporate loans.

Thus, investing in a player who is successful in this industry is an investment opportunity that one should be aware of.

CBD market

The CBD market and all that it entails is another industry that is gaining popularity right now. CBD is a substance extracted from the controversial plant hemp. The substance is not psychoactive but brings a lot of benefits, but even so, the substance is still to a certain extent illegal to sell in Sweden – because of the particular plant from which the substance is extracted. This means that few actors work in this industry and those who do so are primarily companies located outside Sweden but within the EU’s borders and are authorized to import the substance into Sweden.

Looking for investment opportunities in this industry can be something.

The most popular way the substance is sold in right now is through so-called CBD oils. These oils contain a certain level of CBD and are then diluted with something else like olive oil, hemp oil or any other oil. Then you take the oil orally and feel a soothing effect a few minutes afterwards.

The fact that this industry is gaining popularity but is still illegal means that we will possibly see a verdict. If you enter the industry already, you can be in early before the industry is established and in this way also make a very big profit.

Transport in electricity

investment loan

Electric bikes, electric cars, electric scooters, love boards. All are popular and become more popular with time. The main reason is because of the benefits the electric vehicles provide to the environment. As more and more people become aware of the environment and the disadvantages of combustion of oil and other gases entail, more and more people will buy these electrically powered vehicles and they will only become more popular.

For those seeking investment opportunities in 2019, this sector is extremely attractive already. Not a few years ahead, but it is already attractive.

No matter what industry appeals to you, there are a lot of opportunities this year to consider. The above are just three of the many investment opportunities available to take advantage of in 2019. Just don’t forget to do your own research before proceeding with an investment.

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